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Welcome to Ken Howe Natural Stone Supplies


We are stonemasons who blend traditional stonemasonry with design skills and to cut, carve, sculpt and engrave Natural Stone into beautiful fireplace designs, fire surrounds, headstones, gravestones, sculptures, carvings and engravings. Our heritage restoration projects include work on many Grade I and II listed buildings.

Family Stonemasonry Business

Ken Howe Natural Stone Supplies is a family run stonemasonry business in Lancashire (UK). Everything we produce is to unique designs and hand made in natural stone, such as Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, and Marble.

From a modern or contemporary fireplace, to a traditional stone fireplace. Lettered boulders to garden features. Headstones and pet memorials. Stonework on graded buildings. Ken Howe Natural Stone Supplies can take on almost any stone related project.

Bespoke Design

We produce entirely to order, using our knowledge, design skills and workmanship to turn your ideas into designs, and designs into beautiful features.

Meeting Exacting Standards

We pride ourselves in taking the projects others turn away. We enjoy the challenge of producing something original and unique - from authentic restoration of listed buildings, to precise replicas of lost or damaged stone pieces.

Natural Stone Advice and Consultancy

Ken Howe regularly acts as a consultant on restoration and other issues to local authorities, ecclesiastical bodies, architects, builders and individuals prior to projects commencing.

The Value of Good Advice

Construction and ornamentation in Natural Stone lasts for centuries, however if used inappropriately it can quickly discolour, degrade and erode. Expert advice is included in the price of all our projects. If you require advice without committing to a project we will happily quote for consultancy advice. Sourcing of correct stone and stone maintenance are two areas where good advice pays dividends. Ken Howe will be happy to provide detailed advice for specific circumstances prior to an order or on a consultancy basis.

Free Initial Consultation

We reply promptly to enquiries to determine quickly the feasibility of your requirements. Within 7 days we will provide a quotation that will stay valid for 3 months.

Ken Howe Natural Stone Supplies
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